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Hi, I’m Levina Mandalagiri.
Quite difficult name or uniqe, huh?
Actually that’s not difficult, but it has a lot of meaning. I’m proud of it, although when I knew it, I feel a little bit burden. Why?
My father said, he wanted to name his 1st child with the name of mountain. So, he selected two mountains name. He said that the 1st child shall act like mountain and forest who protect all creatures living there. You see? It’s quite a burden. LOL
If the child were a boy, he would give the name, Muhammad Galunggung. Galunggung is the name of mountain which laid at Tasikmalaya. But if the child were a girl, he named her Mandalagiri which is also the name of small mountain in Garut. So, here I am!!
Well, then I grew up and I crushed on chemistry, so that I take chemistry science as my major during collage period. I got a job at one of the biggest chemical manufacturing company, got the 1st salary, and life continue like a river flows. I’m happy with my current status as a mom of two beautiful daughters, wife to my husband, daughter to my parent, also an employee, and live satisfactorily at a city which well-known as steel city.
However, sometimes I feel that it is important to continue increase my ability. I want to challenge my limit. I want to try a new and different thing. I eager to experience something that I never done before.  So that I try to write and establish this blog of mine.
I love to make a network, although I’m introvert person. I like to share knowledge with everyone. I crush on history and culture of the places everywhere I go. I eager to dig a lot of information to understand all the thing that cross to my mind. You might want to see some example of articles that contain a lot information about history and culture during my travel, so here I pick some article I recommend before you explore another pages:
Not only writing about my personal travel diary, I’m also doing review on the thing I like. You may see some example here:
Sometimes I participate on blog writing competition. Although it has not yet received many award or won a competition, but you can see my achievement HERE.


Ety Abdoel said...

Keren about me nya.
Baru tahu Mandalagiri nama gunung di Tasikmalaya.

Hidayah Sulistyowati said...

Kayaknya itu nama gunung yang dinyanyikan Bimbo ya :)
Btw, about me nya keren banget.


eh yg lagunya Bimbo bukannya Jayagiri yah,mbak Wati...?
Anyway bs sekalian belajar bikin about me nih...

Ophi Ziadah said...

keren mba...aku ya msih konvensional about me nyaa

Rosiy Wibisono said...

Halo mbak, salam kenal :) Keren loh namanya, bisa dibuat branding. Tetiba inget Dorce Gamalama #eaa

Eko Nurhuda said...

Keyeeeen! I can't write comment in English, as my English is not too good. Btw, Gunung Mandala ya berarti? Baru denger nama gunung itu. Sukses ya, Mbak...

Pakde Cholik said...

Nice page

Ahmad Alfan Taufiq said...

Hai mbak, kita satu spesies.. Im also an introvert person. :D

iyahyuktravelling said...

Wah, aku baru tau mbak namanya dari mountain. Salam kenal yang telat ya mbak #udah bongkar2 isi blog duluan. Hehehehe..

Saribainbridge.com said...

Hi levina, thanks uda mampir di blog saribainbridge.com ya wahh blog kamu bagus suka tampilannya dan banyak isinya, as newbie mesti belajar dari kamu nih :)

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